PCG-252L Sony All in One Viao No Display

Original issue was no video display. White screen. Lights to Vaio logo and power. I could hear the computer boot and the Vista boot up sounds.

I opened the back originally thinking that it could be the inverter.

I unplugged the top cable from the inverter and plugged it back in.

Now there is no backlight. Nothing. When I push the power button the fan nearest the inverter starts spinning but the fan above the processor does not.

Any suggestions?
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Maybe you didn'torioerly reconnect the inverter, or you broke it orthe cable with your tries.. On Laptops I've seen similar issues, and most of the time the white screen was caused by a bad cable. Maybe you now completely broke it when you moved it to take the inverter out.
>>  When I push the power button the fan nearest the inverter starts spinning but the fan above the processor does not.  << FIX this first !
all laptops need the cpu fan running!
check the connection, or replace it
A white screen meant the LCD controller was not working - what you saw was the backlight without polarization in front of it.  If the cpu fan isn't spinning, that means the system board doesn't detect the right startup conditions.  You probably connected the inverter improperly and it may be preventing booting, or you may have damaged a component with static.

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RockySeaAuthor Commented:
I have not had a chance to repair/replace. I will attempt suggested resolution this week.
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