Conditional Appearence Format

Hello All,

Format on Conditional
Rows (diff1,diff2) are basically differences that should show 0 if (r1-r2) or (r2-r3) equals 0
Now the tricky part is I need to have either a number or a 0 in the rows (curentR, currentS) as that gets added on to diff1 or diff2.
Is it possible to have zeros for row  - curentR and currentS, and yet Not show it  - zeros for them don’t appear in those rows  -
Again – curentR, currentS rows will either have a number or a zero in value. BUT these rows can’t have nulls in place of zeros,
( as they are added up to other complex formulas and throws #Value errors…)
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You can hide all zero values in a worksheet. See this article:
RayneAuthor Commented:
Attached how it should look. Even if zeros don’t appear for currentR or currentS rows but they are actually present in those rows…some kind of conditional formatting I guess

Do a conditional format and when those cells are 0

use the following custom number format


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RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello Joao ,

I did the following but its still showing 0

1) Conditional Formatting > New Rule
2) Created a new rule (see attached pic)
3) Its not doing it
RayneAuthor Commented:
RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello tdlewis :)
Your suggestion worked Thank you
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