ActiveSync Calendar Issues - Outlook 2011 and iPhone

looking for a little help here. we have a user who has his exchange account set up on his Mac with Outlook 2011 and his iPhone 4S.

when he receives a meeting request, the following happens if he accepts it in Outlook first:

1. accepts in outlook
2. meeting shows as not accepted on iphone
3. gets prompt on iphone to accept
4. if he accepts it on the iphone, it goes away from his calendar in Outlook and he has to accept it there again
5. if he accepts it in Outlook again, it goes away on his iphone
6. and so on so forth

vice versa if he accepts it on the iphone first.

they have a windows environment running exchange 2010 sp2 running on a 2008 box.

we already tried disabling the calendar and then re-enabling it in the settings of the iphone and also removing the account and then re-adding it, to no avail.

thank you!
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ConUladhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are outstanding unresolved issues in this area:

I suspect a lot more than this kb covers.
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