secondary dns zones-differant domains

hi experts, I'm trying to set up secondary zones on two differant domains, we have the vpn tunnel in place, and I can ping and path out by ip address from both domains, I created a secondary zone on a DNS server in each domain pointing to the other, allowed zone transfers to the ip address in each domain, I'm getting an event id 6525 on both ends, also on each server, under the forward lookup zones, where each one points, under properties/general, it shows as being expired, what am I missing> and advice would be greatly appreciated
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Matt VConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That Event ID indicates a permissions issue with the salve zones and the master server.

Double check that the master is setup to allow transfers to the slave.
alexianitAuthor Commented:
I should probally also mention, their domain is at a 2000 functional level, we are at a 2003 level, both are at a forest level of 2000, could this cause an issue?
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