hp 5610 all in one printer

I have my boss windows xp workstation in office.

I want to install 5610 printer driver on his workstation as he connects remotely to his office pc from home through RDC configured in watchguard firewall.

he has 5610 printer in his home, he wants to print at his printer at home while connected to his pc through rdc

do i need to create new port- choose standard tcp port on his workstation.any steps should help.
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Spike99Connect With a Mentor On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
I doubt you'll be able to get that to work.  Even if you install the driver on the office PC, the OfficeJet 5600 series driver isn't supported by HP in a remote desktop or Citrix server environment.  That's because an all in one printer like the 5610 uses a host-based driver that doesn't work well over an RDP connection.

If the printer will work on his home PC using the basic OfficeJet or DeskJet driver built into Windows, you could probably get it to work as a redirected printer if you also install the same driver on the work PC. But, I've had trouble getting that sort of printer to work with the basic drivers built into MS Windows.

See page 23 of this PDF on HP's web site:

I would advise getting a LaserJet style printer that uses a PCL driver (not a host-based model like the 1000 series laserjets).   Check the driver download page for the printer before buying: if it doesn't have a PCL or universal PCL driver download listed, don't get it for redirected printing.

I hope this helps,

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