2nd FBI MoneyPak question

Hello Experts and those who contribute to the following link.

I am working on win7 64bit PC that was infected with FBI MoneyPak malware or virus, I found the above link on this site and cleaned all viruses by using the instruction and EmsisoftEmergencyKit; RogueKiller; Malwarebytes tools and also used MS Windows Security  Essential" but the only problem I have now is this;
1- Windows update is failing with error.
2- Windows Firewall can not be turned on.
3- windows firewall service can not be started.
Please advise if you have any idea?
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Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Try this for Windows Updates:

1. Download Windows update agents

Make sure you download the relevant architect of the installer. There are different installer for different architects like 32bit, 64bit and Itanium based.

Note: The latest version of Windows Update agents is "7.6.7600.256", however there is no installer available for it from MS.

For an x86-based computer

For an x64-based computer

2. Stop the Windows Updates Service
To stop the Windows Update service, go to Start > Run and enter C:\Windows\System32\Net stop WuAuServ

3. Next, reinstall the Windows Update Agent.
Windows might displays the following dialogue box as a response:
"Install is not needed since windows update agent is already installed."

In this case, right-click the downloaded .exe file, go to Properties and in the file name box amend the file name so it reads:
WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe /wuforce

You should then be able to proceed with installation.

4. Deleting Windows Update Temporary Folder
Browse to Windows installation directory (mostly C:\Windows or C:\WINNT)
rename the folder "SoftwareDistribution" to "SoftwareDistributionOLD"

5. Finally, Start the Windows Updates Service
After installation has completed, go to Start > Run and enter C:\Windows\System32\Net start WuAuServ to restart the service.

Finally reboot the system and check for the updates again and let us know if it worked.

Change2009Author Commented:
Thank you Sharma for your advise, I followed your suggestion however I could not run the update even with force command, so the user agreed to take his computer without fixing the update issue and later I found out update might had been failed due to removing McAfee few months ago aince last update was from 2 months ago. When I login as the user IE was not responding and even I created a new user and with a new user IE was not responding and only if I login as administrator i could open web pages (this is stand alone win7 home edition). I installed firefox and we could then brows the web, so he is using firefox and not updating windows and he was okay with it for now.
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