Windows XP PC unable to communicate with domain controller

I have a single windows XP pro PC that is not able to communicate with the domain controller. I have 20 other pc's no problem. This pc was working as well up until a little while ago. Here is what I have done so far...

Rebooted PC
netsh winsock reset
netsh winsock reset catalog
ipconfig /dnsdlush

removed from domain
tried to rejoin domain, unable to contact DC
deleted instance from AD
deleted instance from DNS

Server can ping all other PC's gets no reply on this pc, same with the PC, PC can ping all pc's just not server.

Removed avg free just in case, also running Norton removal tool just in case.

Gave the PC a static, then DHCP, also weird thing is I can VNC from the server to the PC???
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The following:
says that one problem can be a firewall blocking TCP or UDP port 88.  Make sure there is no blocking going on within the workstation.

This (and other links):
says that it could be a DNS issue.  What is the workstation using for DNS?  If you could post the output of ipconfig /all here (from the workstation) that could be useful.
Is the symptom just that it can't ping the server?  Can it access shares there?  Can it get to the internet?

Are there other shares on the domain on other devices?  If not, I'd share a folder on another computer that is part of the domain and see if it can access it.  I'm trying to separate basic network issues (pinging success with other PCs implies this is fine), from AD issues, from issues specifically with this server.

What is used for DNS?

When you ping the server, are you pinging it by name or by IP?  If by name, is it getting resolved?
eli290Author Commented:
Pinging by name or Ip doesnt work. I just tried to restore back to a previous day and I get the following error when trying to connect to a network drive. The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security. please ensure that you can contact the serfver that is authenticating you
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eli290Author Commented:
I checked both the firewall on the DC and it is off but also just in case i went into advanced and added an allow rule for port 88 for tcp and UDP.

IP config is like this

      (added this after the fact, took it out same result)
DC address is
Since other PCs can get to the server I'm not too concerned about the firewall on it.

I would have concerns about any sort of firewall on the workstation, though.  You did mention removing AVG and Norton, which is a good step.  I've found it may not be enough to disable them (either internally or through msconfig).  I'd make sure Windows Firewall is not running.

What happens if you try Start, Run, \\\

Also... as an aside... just have the .11 for DNS, don't do the external one.  I do recognize that you tested it with and without, just general advice here.
Also... what if you do nslookup <servername> ?  Does it resolve correctly?
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