C# JavaScipt call for Google Analytics

Help.  I am a very, very tired programmer.  

I have code that is doing a querystring to collect a parameter in C# for each indiviual that goes to the ASPX page.  

I need to take that value and add there Google anaylic's script to it.  Since the invidual is based on a Query String on separate pages, I need to know how to do this from the C# code.

Thanks in advance....
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Robert SchuttConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
Ok, here is a stab in the dark, could you use something like:
<%= Request.QueryString["userid"] %>

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inside your javascript block on the aspx pages?

Maybe to use on more than 1 page, save this in Session["userid"]?

To get closer to a real answer I think you should explain a bit better how your page(s) currently look, post some (relevant) code for example.
kimmie8000Author Commented:
Many thanks on giving feedback to an extremely tired programmer.  I just needed the push.  Thank very much!
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