iam looking to buy wireless printer at home so an print from i-pad, android devices or blackberry devices
can u recomend any good colour wirlesss printer
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Depends on what you want it for. Colour lasers are fine for graphics and flyers, but not for photo quality printing.  On the other hand inkjet printers cost way more per page than a laser printer.

Depending on what type of printing you are doing, it might actually be cheaper in the long run to buy a black and white laser printer AND a colour inkjet printer. Use the inkjet only for colour and use the laser for everything else.

I have had great luck with Brother printers. They have great support for Macs and are very reliable. You will see they are very highly rated in any comparison test.
I'm a huge fan of the LaserJet models from HP, I love toner versus ink. The most cost effective Wireless, Color, LaserJet the LaserJet Pro 100:

HP does have some Color, Wireless models for under $100, but they use ink instead of toner.

Good luck!

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