Problems Opening Templates in Outlook 10

I created a template in Outlook that has functionality from the Control Toolbox.  Now when i go open it, i receive an message stating "Access to this form template file is blocked.  If you trust the source of the form, on the Home tab, click New Items, click More Items, and then click Choose Form.  In the Look In list, click User Templates in the File System, and then select and open the template you want."

From what i can tell this occurs by design so there is no way around creating this type of template and opening it by just clicking on the .oft file.  Is that correct?  Or is there anything i can do to alter that.  

Also, this template is something i would like to place on a Share File System so anyone can access it; however, when you follow the instructions for opening this template, you only have access to folders on your system.  Is that also by design or is there anything i can do to access it from a share drive?  
I tried attaching a copy of the template, but it would not let me since oft is not a valid extension.
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djsharmaTechnical ConsultantCommented:
jsawickiAuthor Commented:
One additional thing, i had to add the checkboxes and text boxes outside of the standard body, but when i received it, all i saw was the body that i thought i deleted and none of the check and text boxes were present.  what am i doing wrong
jsawickiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link
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