Help configuring basic QOS on a Linksys SLM2024.

Hello Experts!

We have a Linksys SLM2024 and we would like to set up some basic QOS. Our network is flat, without any VLANs. All we want to do it prioritize traffic on one port, without much negative impact on other traffic. The port we want to prioritize connects to our VOIP server.

I noticed on the webgui that the SLM2024 has both COS and DSCP options. We would need to choose one of those (and not both), correct? Could you briefly explain the difference and what might work best in this case? What values do you recommend? I'm not clear on if a greater # value increases or decreases priority?

Any other info on how to prioritize/improve VOIP traffic would be great also. We are using softphones so we cannot put them into their own VLAN. Any more info you may need please just let me know,
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