Outlook 2010 attachments not dragging-and-dropping or copying-and-pasting

We recently switched from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010 and have noticed a "problem." Many of our users copy and paste (or drag and drop) Outlook Word attachments from old emails into new ones.  Now that we're using Outlook 2010, this feature is highly unreliable.  At first, I thought the problem was due to different types of e-mail formats - a user dragging an attachment from a Rich Text E-mail into an HTML e-mail.    Most often changing both e-mails to the same format type (either Rich Text or HTML) will fix the problem, but sometimes the problem occurs between e-mails of the same format.  Also, I can't conistently recreate the problem/

Anyone ever seen this?  Thanks!
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Might check to see Office 2010 SP1 in installed
If SP1 installed

Also try opening outlook in safe mode

Done by:
Start>RUn>Outlook.exe /safe

try it here

If it works in safe mode, theres likely an add in causing the issue
we can then look at disabling it
I'm having the same issue with 2 users who cannot drag an attachment from an email into a newly created email message. I've tried every suggestion I've seen in every forum and still no dice.
My next step is to create new computer profiles and setting up their email on those profiles to see if it persists and to try my email account on their profile to see if it happens on my profile...

Have you tried opening your own question here in E-E?

We have found that since moving to Outlook 2010, we can drag and drop attachments from one email to another, however, if the attachment name contains a # symbol, it will not attach.  Does anyone have a solution for this.
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