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outlook 2007 where are the inbox files stored locally on my windows desktop computer
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The inbox and other mail folders are either in an Exchange mailbox (if you have an Exchange server and your client was configured to leave mail on the server) OR, more likely, in a "personal store" file (*.pst).  The default filename is Outlook.pst.

If your mail stays on the server, the folders are in an Exchange database (probably priv.edb and out of your reach).  Depending on your need, your IT folks may be able to help you.

If your using a personal store:

The exact path depends on your OS but they are usually in your user folders.  However, Outlook can easily be configured to use a personal store at any location, including on a location not on your own computer.

Most likely performing a search of your C drive for *.pst will find the file or files you are looking for.

 - Tom
I forgot to mention, if you have auto-archive turned on, you may find more than one PST file.  Also, Outlook can be configured to use multiple PST files for any number of purposes.

 - Tom
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