Watchguard Firewall Preventing 'Scan-to-Email' Settings

I recently installed a Watchguard Firewall XTM 505 with Weblocker software in a business that uses a Ricoh MPC4500. Since then, they have lost the ability to scan to email, so there is obviously a firewall setting I need to make as an exception. The copier uses the default ports of 25, 110 and 443- which are all wide open on the firewall.

Can anyone tell me how to make an exception that will allow communication with the online web mail server so they can regain that function?

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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
For instance in SMTP,..

But the functionality needed to allow certain web address to be accessible, may need Weblocker to allow that exception, not sure if such scan to email need 443 though. Just to share the exception for weblocker
sparkleinnovationsAuthor Commented:
I had read those articles before. But in the end, I had to make a static IP exception in Weblocker AND the firewall proxies PLUS change the settings on the copier to send without SSL encryption.

Thanks for the direction.
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