Outlook 2010 Crashes when Forwarding Messages

I am having an issue with a computer where whenever the user goes to forward a message there will either be a several minute delay - where Outlook is grayed out and non-responsive - or the message will never send. I've seen suggestions that it could be a plugin issue but the ones in use don't seem like they could be causing the issues, before I go disabling them I thought I'd check for suggestions here. Thanks!
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Might check that SP1 is installed

There were a few performance issues that caused outlook to crash and was addressed in this SP

Also look to see if you have the nuance PDF converter installed
This will also make outlook crash
If its installed there is no update/fix from microsoft but the fix can be downloaded from the vendors site

Now if you have SP1 installled and do not have the PDF Converter installed

I would tend to say it is an add in causing the issue.

You can easily test this by opening outlook using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Now try it

If it doesnt crash we know its an add-in and it may not nessicarily show up in the Add-Ins in outlook

So close outlook and look in the registry


Note all the add ins
Note their current load behavior

Now set them all to 0

Now open outlook as normal and test

If it still okay
Close outlook, go back to registry, and re-enable 1 of the add ins back to their previous load behavior

NOw test outlook again

Continue this process until you find the faulting add in

Once you find the faulting add in you can leave it disabled, un-install it, or look for an update from the vendor
djsharmaTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Closed outlook, go to Control panel, Mail and select Show Profiles. Select your profile and click Properties button, then E-mail Accounts. On the E-mail tab, select your POP3 account, and then click Change Folder button and select a delivery folder.

You can also do this from within Outlook by going to file, Account settings and making the change on the Email tab. You will need to restart Outlook

Refer the below link
Disable the plug-ins.  It will only take a minute to do so, then test.  If the problem persists, you can always reenable them.  I have had Outlook problems like yours where I thought the same thing about the nature of the plug-ins and that they should not cause the problem, but I have been proven wrong during those times.
Cheers for that

However, any reason for the B Grade?
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