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I have a customer running SBS 2003 (Exchange 2003) and Windows 7 clients running Outlook 2010. I have found by playing that the Windows 7 Search will not find e-mails unless the Outlook clients run in cached Exchange mode.

   I guess that makes sense. If they are not running cached mode there is no file on the workstation (ost) for Windows Search to search. Cached Exchange mode has been known to cause a lot of problems.

   Is there a way to run the Outlook clients in non cached Exchange mode and have the Windows 7 Search still search find e-mails?
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cached mode shouldnt cause problems, and can sometimes serve as an extra last minute backup.
I feel you would be better servered addressing your problems - what are they
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You would have to get a third party tool to index your Exchange store and this would add a lot of overhead.

I have clients who use Cached Exchange and it does not cause problems beyond the ordinary for technology solutions. So I would reconsider Cached Mode if I were in your shoes because it will solve your search issue as well.

Then if the users Archive locally (back up the archives) then Windows 7 Search will keep an index of the Archive PST files at the same time.

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