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MSA1000 fails to rebuild disks into array

Got  a new customer with a product that I have absolutely no experience with and I need help with getting started with at least some help.  He has a MSA1000 that has stopped rebuilding disks into the array.  I suppose I should start by asking for logs but what would be the procedure for that and where do I go from there?  I have only worked on stand-alone servers but my boss thought we should take this one on.  Lucky me.
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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Define "stopped rebuilding disks into the array"? Are they replacing failed disks, or are hot-spares not rebuilding when a disk fails?
PhillyGeeAuthor Commented:
Got a little more information this morning.  The MSA1000 is attached to two servers. Two disk drive were replaced a couple months ago and they have not been built into the array yet. They seem to be in query mode. They changed them to a high priority but that did not help. Next they scheduled down time and shut down both servers and restarted the MSA1000. It is still building the array
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
If it's a MSCS cluster and the quorum resides on it then it may never rebuild because it waits for 15 seconds of quiet time before starting the rebuild and there never is 15 seconds with no host activity on the quorum. Only workaround I know is to stop the cluster service which of course means down time.

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