Change colors for flagged people

I have an Access 2007 DB with tables and forms. My project is I need to create a flag and then when something is flagged have it change colors, like red.

I know this is very vague, just dont know where to start.

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<< just dont know where to start. >>

The links cap1 has posted are a great resource, but if you need a little more fundamental info specific to your situation ('flagging' a record) to get started...

For purposes of example, consider an "Employees" table, (you can apply this concept to any table in your db, as needed).

- Add a yes/no field called 'Inactive' to your table to flag people who are no longer employed at your company.

- Add a checkbox to your Employees form, bound to your Inactive field.  Call the checkbox chkInactive

- In your form's design view, right-click the Employee Name textbox (or whatever field you want to 'flag' with a color), and select Conditional Formatting...

- Select "Expression Is.." from the drop-down list and type this expression in the textbox provided:
                     [chkInactive] = True

Then choose a backgound color, text color etc for highlighting the employee's name.

If done correctly, that will highlight/flag employees who are 'Inactive'.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<just dont know where to start. >
You can search here or Google/Bing...
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
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Please drop MS SQL Server topic, it does not apply.
CMILLERAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys!
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