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Can anyone tell me how to find out why a schedule task keeps failing? is an error message generated?

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if you look at the Scheduled task, there is a column that shows an exit code or result code. You need to find that and see why it fails

Have you run your schedule task using admin account.. ?

with option (run task whether user logged in or not option )
Can you give the exitcode? It can also be that it requires admin authentication.

What do you want to do with the task? Is it a script? Maybe you've missed something in it. It doesn't mean that it will run in your tasks if you can execute it. If it's a script I'd like to take a look at it.
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ac_davis2002Author Commented:
ok, the task runs daily and most days it works just sometimes if fails..

It runs as admin.

where will i find the exit code?
When you open your scheduled task. You'll see name, status, ...., result of last run.
We'll need the result of the last run.
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
ok the last result is 0x0  ?

but the status is running, should i create a new post when it next fails with the last result code?
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
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thank you all!
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
I ran into this issue with a batch file running as a scheduled task. It would run perfectly fine if I executed it manually but when I tried to run it as a schedule task it would fail instantly.  The batch file I was running was a simple Robocopy command.  I had created mapped drive letters to make it simple to write.  Come to find out when executing the command manually it recognized the mapped drive and performed the function flawlessly.  However when executing the command from a scheduled task the task could not recognize the drive mapping and therefore fail.  I used the full UNC name in the command and the task ran correctly. (ie robocopy \\server_name\share_name\path d:\local_path)

I assume that when any executable file is run via a scheduled task it takes on a different personality or is not simply running the executable as you would from a command line.  Bottom line DO NOT run executables that include mapped drive letters...stick with the UNC name and the task will behave properly
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