DFSR Replication not working in one member

I have set up a Group Replication. There is one principal source server which I am going to call SourceServer and one MemberA and MemberB servers. I have set up a mesh topology. MemberA and MemberB are in a different site as SourceServer is.

Now my problem is all replications work fine for SourceServer <---> MemberB (both ways), and SourceMember ---> MemberA and MemberB ---> MemberA.

But MemberA doesn't seem to replicate anything to anyone. Which is really strange. I run a test report and it just shows the test incomplete forever (more than one day now).

I created a trivial test replication group between MemberA and MemberB and works fine.

The EventLog seems normal with no strange errors (just some disconnections every few hours but I think it is normal. I see this errors in the other two servers too and they work fine).

Thank you.
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
DFS Replication: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DFSR Replication problem - only replicating in one direction

- Rancy
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