Locking a file to pervent multiple access

I have a PDF file that I need to put on a Windows 2003 or 2008 server but only allow one user at a time from opening it to stay within the license of the file.   Does anyone know how I might force the file to be locked when opened so the next user who comes along is prevented from doing so until the first user closes the file?   It's just a simple PDF manual.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
A manual won't let you read it in more than one location at a time.. I think you have it wrong here.. The application I can see this but not a 'document'..

What is the 'software' and who is the manufacturer of such a ridiculous end user agreement.
I agree that any "license" restricting reading to a single user at a time makes no sense. I'd like to know the wording of the license that states the restriction. Perhaps there is an interpretation that does make sense.

jhunter9999Author Commented:
I agree the license agreement as cut-n-pasted below makes no sense.  Especially the part about putting it on multiple computers.   I have found if we put the document in a new share, the share security does offer a selection for number of users.   Does anyone know if that really works?  We have had instances where the 3rd user (set to 2) is stopped and other times when it is not.   - Jerry

End User License Agreement
By submitting an order you are agreeing to abide by the license agreement. You agree to not make paper copies of the complete XXXXXXX Manual for distribution, or alter the content of the XXXXXXX Manual. For electronic copies you agree to limit the use of the XXXXXXXXX Manual at any one time to the number of copies you purchased. You may place copies on as many computers or other delivery devices as you wish, but only the number of copies you have purchased may be in use concurrently.
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