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Requirements :

Has to be REST Based Service.

Retrieving data from Oracle Database.

Columns in select can change and are configurable after the deployment (Thinking of query store where we can store oracle selects and retrieving them before firing off to back end. Advise needed if there are any design patterns that can solve this)

Whole select statements and where clause  should be configurable (in XML file or Database) there will be parameters that will replace in where.

Data is shown in the grid by the consumer (sharepoint web part, webform, windows forms etc., depends on the use)

Advise on the design pattern that i can use.

Important is the REST based service , is it good (performance wise) to return a data table form rest based service. I do not want to use strongly typed data sets because whole selects are configurable.

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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
As you need flexibility in the column name for your selects, I would suggest OData, which is a Microsoft open implementation based on the REST architectural framework.
OData allows complex and flexible query strings like:$filter=startswith(Name, 'Sea')$top=2&$orderby=name

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Have a look at:
OData overview:
URI conventions:
Oracle specifics:
NetSriAuthor Commented:
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