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SQL query to build folder tree

this is regarding a SQL based document management system, all "folders" are simply rows in a single table, each folder having an ID and a ParentID.

I need a query that will list all folders whose ParentID = X, but then on down the tree until there are no more results.

example tree:

Base folder
             last year
             this year

example data:

foldername    ID        parentID

base folder      1            NULL
items               2            1
old                   6             2
red                   7             2
details              3             1
last year           8            3
this year           9            3

seems like something that could be done with a cursor, but I cant get my head around it. keep in mind the folder trees can be of any configuration or have several levels, I can't simply rely on them only have a set number of levels.
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1 Solution
";WITH FamilyTreeAS(    SELECT *, CAST(NULL AS VARCHAR(25)) AS ParentName, 0 AS Generation    FROM @TT    WHERE ParentID IS NULL        UNION ALL        SELECT Fam.*,FamilyTree.Name AS ParentName, Generation + 1    FROM @TT AS Fam    INNER JOIN FamilyTree    ON Fam.ParentID = FamilyTree.ID)SELECT * FROM FamilyTree
RustyZ32Author Commented:
that works but it only goes down 1 level, in some cases the folder trees can be several levels deep.

how can tweak that to make it continue running  until it finds no more subfolders?
RustyZ32Author Commented:
Nevermind about folder levels comment, my test record actually only had 1 level of subfolders!

works great, thanks.
Habib PourfardSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Try the following query:
SET @ParentID = NULL

;WITH Tree
    SELECT ID, ParentID, FolderName, CAST(ID AS VARCHAR) AS Hierarchy, 0 AS Level
    FROM YourTable
    WHERE ISNULL(ParentID, -1) = ISNULL(@ParentID, -1)
    SELECT YourTable.ID, YourTable.ParentID, YourTable.FolderName, CAST(Tree.Hierarchy + '.' + CAST(YourTable.ID as VARCHAR) as VARCHAR), Level + 1
    FROM YourTable
    INNER JOIN Tree 
    ON YourTable.ParentID = Tree.ID

SELECT Hierarchy, FolderName  FROM Tree ORDER BY Hierarchy

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