Auto VLAN Assignment with DHCP

I am configuring a new Cisco 2960 switch stack.  I would like this switch stack to support 3 different VLANs.  One for voice, one for video and one for data.

Each workstation cubicle connected to this switch stack will have 3 or 4 network jacks and any one jack could have a PC, Phone, or video device connected to it.

What I would like to do is setup the switch stack so that when a device is connected to one of the ports it will request a DHCP address.  I would like to have the DHCP response to the device also indicate what VLAN they become a member of.

The VOIP phone is a Cisco Phone and the PC will be an IBM desktop or laptop and the video device could vary and the DHCP server is a Microsoft DHCP 2008 server.

Are there any DHCP options that can be returned to help accomplish this or is this more of a switch configuration task?
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qbakiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are talking about VMPS (VLAN Management Policy Server).  It can be great in a large organization but you have to have a high end switch to act as the server so you are out of luck with that 2960.  I don't even think those can be VMPS clients but I'm not sure.  Here are a couple of articles you can look at.

Unfortunately it seems to me your only way of getting this working is to draw up a good network diagram and assign the ports as usual.  However, since you have VOIP and Cisco phones why aren't you just using the phone inline with the PC?  Then you put all the ports into a User VLAN and a Voice VLAN and you are good to go.  The video devices would have to be put on a separate VLAN but do you really have that many of those?  This doesn't really seem that bad.
KGaudineer-Author Commented:
I was afraid of that...  This is one one of those projects that runs out of money just before you hit the last mile.  I have a group of around 300 that will be moving off campus.  We have dark fiber under ground so their switch stack will still come back to our core just like any other VLAN.  The origional network roll out was for everyone to leave their old phones at their desk and we would provide the phone at the new location.  So we were just going to have their desk side equipment plug into the phone.  ( This is where the money thing comes in).  Apparently funds came up a little short so not everyone will be able  leave their phone at their desk.  Some will bring their phone with them and we will phase those out over time.   Now I will have a mix of equipment and all of the patch cords are in place.  I was thinking if I could use the DHCP server to help place the end user in the right VLAN and I could save some work on the VLAN setup and the user would be free to use any data jack available at their desk.

We don't have a lot of video, only around 8 units in this location, but they are mobile so anyone could have a video cart in their work area at any given time.
What are the core switches at the main office?  If they aren't able to do VMPS it looks like you are going to have to rely on accurate drawings and put ports in VLANs manually.  Also have to make sure the label from the jacks in the cube match the patch panel to ensure things are plugged in correctly.

What I have always done is install different colored jacks in the cubes for the different uses to makes things easier.

White = Network
Black = Video
Green = Phone

That way when users are plugging things in you give them a simple-to-follow set of directions for which devices plugs into which jack.  Good luck.
KGaudineer-Author Commented:
Thats where we are at....  May not have the budget dollars to replace jacks in cubes but we are going back and replacing patch cables.....

White = Phone
Blue = Video....

We will keep the info on hand for additional builds in this area so we can auto assign vlans

thanks again
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