Printer visible in printer list but

I browsed to the server to add the printer and added it so it shows up in the printer list but when I print a test page nothing happens. The job is not hanging in the queue either. (From the pc standpoint, it looks like it should've printed but didn't.
The server is allowing everyone to print to it.
It's a Konica Minolta c361
The pc is running XP
Other users can print to it
The server has 32 and 64 bit drivers installed. What could it be and what should I check?
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cmitriConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out there was a setting I found when looking at the printer properties on the server. It was set up to monitor print jobs and require a password so jobs were cancelling themselves out due to that setting. Everything works again.
What have you tried on the client PC?

-Remove printer and re-add?
-Remove driver (from server properties) and re-add printer?
-Ping printer?
-Rights to print to the printer?

Lets start there and see what's up.

Venugopal NCommented:
Is the printer physically connected to the server or XP machine?

Normally the printer queue will be created on the server, from where you need to manage the printer (it can be physically connected to the server or network printer).Sharing the printer and provide the appropriate permission to the printer. By default Everyone will have print permission for the printer, remove the Everyone and add the appropriate group to Thom you need to provide print permission.

To check the print permission select the printer, right click properties and security tab ¿ under that remove Everyone group if it has with print permission.
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cmitriAuthor Commented:
I have restarted.
Printer is pingable
I've checked permissions and "Everyone" can print to it
I've also reinstalled the drivers.
Venugopal NCommented:
If you need to restrict the print, then remove Everyone and add the selected user to who you need to allow printing.
cmitriAuthor Commented:
It is an open printer so "Everyone" can print to it. No need for the restriction. I just tried adding her anyways to see if it changed anything but didn't as I expected...
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