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I would like to know if there is any foxpro inventory-sales order application that I could purchase with source code

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You can try looking at SAGE PRO ERP. The modules are written in fox/vfp and can you can use VFP or MS SQL Server as the backend.

There is a sales order module that you may or may not be able to use without the inventory module, depending on your needs. If you need any type of real inventory system you will need the inventory module. You will have to have the system manager module as well. If most of what you want to do is modify forms/screens, you may want the customization module as well. Of course all the standard accounting modules are also available.

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Jack Harkins
Are you really asking for FoxPro application?  Why not Visual FoxPro?
Have you tried doing a Google search for:  
     vfp inventory sales
     vfp inventory
     vfp erp

The Sales side of things might cause you to need a more specialized application meeting the needs of that specific industry.

For example - for an Apparel Manufacturing & Sales package you might consider   Aria
    Google search for:   aria erp software
    Google search for:    apparel manufacturers software vfp

Other specific industries may have specific Sales requirements.

And the availability of source code from a commercial software product vendor/manufacturer is generally VERY restricted.  
It is one of the primary ways that they can maintain Supportability of their products.

You will have to ask each vendor separately about this.

Good Luck
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