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could you please assist me in making this decision. We will be moving to Office 365 and i would like to know if we need a fiber connection that will be running at 100Mbps Unlimited usage package???
will we ever use this kind of bandwidth?

Given we will have sharepoint and exchange and everything on the cloud.

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Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
Unlimited data transfer?
I have not run into a service that had data transfer limits except Hughes satellite service.  
For subscribers that was a pain i.t.a.
I guess it depends on how it's implemented.  Hughes throttled the pipe after reaching the quota.  That was terrible.  But, if it's like some telephone services where you get 2TB and then pay extra for more .. that could be a good model because you'd be able to evaluate it without operational difficulties and only a cost risk.

Let's see 100Mbps is (in my way of calculating using "10" communication bits per byte of useful data) 10MBps. or 10^7Bps,
2TB = 2x10^12B.  
So 2x10^12 can happen in 2x10^12/10^7 or 2x10^5 seconds or 2.3 days.
Of course this is the worst case / minimum time.
So, if your peak data transfers are only 10% of the time and if the 2TB is "per month" then it might be OK.  To me, that sounds like it could be OK but that's just a gut feel.
But, I'd be cautious about the model as above and then consider things like backups that at least initially could be quite large.  
Only you can know how these numbers apply to your situation.  

Surely the provider can give you your own usage data so you can make a quick decision to change charging methods if need be and if the contract is reasonable....  In that sense,and in view of the numbers (unless I made a mistake .. you should check the numbers), I don't think that this decision is going to be critical.
Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
I would say: "yes, you will"  And, I was almost tempted to ask what the lesser alternatives might be.  But 100Mbps isn't that much that I'd shy away or advise you downward.  Well, unless it clearly is not affordable.

We are using fiber with maybe 30-50Mbps and don't have much in the way of internet traffic.  But prior to doing that, bandwidth was an issue.  Now we have around 40 computers on the one link.
GeekahAuthor Commented:
Thank you,
Our next option would be 10 ad we r pretty much spending the same money eventually. So 100 it is.
Do you think we need unlimited usage or would a 2TB work??
GeekahAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
will try the 2TB , and i believe you are right, calculation is right, i'll have to monitor and see though but at least the $$ is justified if we were to go unlimited

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