WSUS 3.0 - Re-Built - imported Db - no clients reporting


I have a WSUS 3.0 running on Win2K8 Enterprise x64.

Updates configured by GPO, was working Beautifully, so sad!

* The server got hosed, I broke it.
* I wiped it (saved WSUS Db and packages)
* reinstalled Windows, and prerequisites
* initial setup was using Windows Internal Db
* This time I am using SQL 2008 Express
* I reinstalled WSUS and dependencies
* I followed a technet guide to importing my old Db to SQL
* I have verified the import was successful, I see all my old clients, their stats, all the updates, WSUS console starts with no errors.

I removed the update GPO from my container, did gpupdate /force, rebooted, relinked the GPO, did another gpupdate and rebooted

I ran cmd, did wuauclt /detectnow and the windows update log looks like this on the computer I ran it on

here's a snippet from the log.  Note, the server was rebuilt using the same DNS name and IP.  The only difference is the SQL server in use.
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Are ClientWebService and SelfUpdate running on the Default Website (Port 80) in IIS?  I believe I had to move these two from the WSUS Administration Website (Port 8530) in order for mine to report correctly.
Did you run gpupdate on the WSUS server or on the client PCs needing to be updated?
cschmidt5Author Commented:
a gpresult /R verifies my policy is being applied, look at the log I attached; that also shows attempted communication between the clients and server.
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Did you ever get this resolved?
cschmidt5Author Commented:
Yes, I apologize for not updating sooner.  The problem was in my policy, I was declaring 8530 after the url, I dropped the port and it works, (Putting on 80)

When I set it up, I said to use the default website - duh, that runs on port 80!

However, the first time I set this server up, I am really sure I used the default website, but I KNOW i was running on 8530...

Long story short it is working, and working very well!  Thanks!
cschmidt5Author Commented:
Thanks buddy!
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