Galaxy S3/Android: "Unable to verify signed message" and inability to reply.

I have my Exchange account set up on my Galaxy S III. The phone is great, but I'm coming from several years of iPhones, so it's taking me a little while to get used to it.

I received an email from a person today. In the message list, there is a little gold and red icon (that looks like of like a seal or medal). I can open and read the email fine. At the very bottom of the message, there is a button labelled "Verify Signature." When I click it, I get an error message that says, "Unable to verify signed message. Certificate not installed."

Furthermore, if I attempt to reply to the email, I get two messages that flash up (briefly) at the bottom of the screen:

1. "Unable to sign or encrypt message. Certificate not installed."
2. "Quoted text not available. Replying to unicoded S/MIME message."

I can type a reply, and I can save it as a draft, but if I attempt to actually send the message, I get that first "Unable to sign or encrypt message" error again.

I can reply to his email fine through Outlook or OS X Mail. Is there no way for me to reply to these types of messages on my phone, though? Thanks.
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Jaroslav MrazConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:

it means that user who sends you message signet or encrpyted it with DigitalCertifiacate.

And it say you IT cant werified sender becouse you dont have instaled CA Certificated and User is not using Certificate send by Default Trusted authority.

If the sender is from your company donwload your CA certificate. It is downlaod able for example on https://CASERVER_DNS_NAME/certsrv

HOW to instal 

if you dont e-mail with that person offen and you can ignore it :)
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