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Excel 2010: Notification Macro

I have a spreadsheet that is nothing more than a change request spreadsheet.  User's simply enter in any changes they'd like to see in this one application I work with.  I then go out to the shared location on the network periodically and look at this spreadsheet for any new entries made.

    I'm curious, if we could add a macro control button in column H starting on row 3.  I can then just copy that button down to H4, H5, H6 etc.  When they finish entering their request, they can simply click this "Notify" control button it then emails me making me aware a change has been made to the spreadsheet.  Is this possible?
1 Solution
If you modify this code to select the range with the request, it will do what you want:

Sub Send_Range()
   ' Select the range of cells on the active worksheet.
   ' Show the envelope on the ActiveWorkbook.
   ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True
   ' Set the optional introduction field thats adds
   ' some header text to the email body. It also sets
   ' the To and Subject lines. Finally the message
   ' is sent.
   With ActiveSheet.MailEnvelope
      .Introduction = "This is a sample worksheet."
      .Item.To = "E-Mail_Address_Here"
      .Item.Subject = "My subject"
   End With
End Sub

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I think you could even drop the range alltogether and it would work.
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
Flawless victory! Thank you again S!
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