Warning Mailbox Issues

I do auto-Archive, however how can I fix this once and for all?

Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by your administrator.
Your mailbox size is 456915 KB.
Mailbox size limits:
      You will receive a warning when your mailbox reaches 450000 KB.You may not be able to send or receive new mail until you reduce your mailbox size.
To make more space available, delete any items that you are no longer using or move them to your personal folder file (.pst).
Items in all of your mailbox folders including the Deleted Items and Sent Items folders count against your size limit.  
You must empty the Deleted Items folder after deleting items or the space will not be freed.
See client Help for more information.
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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
Log into OWA / Options / Deleted Items / and choose "Permanently Delete" see if this helps.

Are you looking to adjust the quota higher in Exchange or is this something you don't have control over?

If you've been auto-archiving when you finish close out of Outlook and delete the .ost file, it should update from the server but often doesn't, when you delete it and Outlook is opened it will automatically recreate a new one, this way is often faster and more reliable then waiting on the .ost file to update itself after deleting / archiving.

.ost file location:  C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
If you run ion cached mode, your Outlook and the server can sometimes become out of sync.   Right click on your Mailbox - name and select Properties, then select folder size.  You should see two tabs, one Local Data the other Server Data.  See if they match.  If not, you'll need to take the client out of Cached Mode and then clean up your mailbox.  Also, don't forget to empty deleted items, that counts as well.

How to turn off/on Cached Mode
cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
WORKS2011 sorry for the delay, I did use your suggestions above and it seemed to work in conjunction with with I move the .pst files over to an offline storage device. Also went into the Search Folders and deleted all my Large Mail items. I then re ran the archive tool.

My question is how can I better manage my email?
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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
Do you manage your exchange server? If you can't control the limit then setting up an auto-archive is probably your best bet and moving email into .pst before the .ost gets too large.

If you manage your exchange server let me know and I'll run through the steps to increase quota which will give you more time however you will still need to archive at some point, it will just be more email.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
...another point, whatever quota you have remember to move archived email before it gets close to the size of the quota limit because the .ost file is often slow to update itself between the quota limit and actual limit. This will prevent you from having to delete items before the retention policy ends (I'll explain more if you have access to your exchange server) by going into OWA as well as deleting your .ost to reset it.
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