My banks logon widow to short, very annoying

Is there a way to send a wakeup call to my banks web page to keep me logged on for Windows 7?   We did this back in the days of telephone login dail up web services to keep from being disconnected due to keyboard inactivity.   My bank is now disconnecting account holders after a short login time due to keyboard or web page selection inactivity.  It is very annoying to keep logging in every few minutes.  Is there  someway to prevent this disconnection?   I think we are getting a bit paranoid to the point where it is difficult to use our computers without delays, interruptions and disconnections.  I always log off web services at the end of my session.  I do not depend on browser disconnections.

Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAsked:
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Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  IE's refresh kept me logged on.
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