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What is the best way to link a flash training video player to a DB that is updated when an individual finished their training video?


7 years ago, I worked for a company that had in-house developers create a in-house training site because they could not afford to send every employee to training to complete their annual training courses.  The training site did the following:

1) Allow a user to log into a intranet portal and navigate to a tutorial link to view a training video using their windows domain account username and password.  
2) Take a flash video and link the flash video file to a video player

3) Allow a user watching the video to stop the video at any point and resume watching the video without starting over

4) When finished watching the video, a SQL server database record would be updated that said they completed the video training tutorial

Please share with me any articles, suggestions, and examples on how I can approach this problem.  I have access sql, windows server 2008, IIS, and visual studio.

Thanks in advance
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Not a project for the faint of heart.

1st Question: do you have the training videos right now?

You will need IIS skills, SQL skills, Video Production Skills (can be delegated), WebSite Design skills.
The only real way to determine if the video has been watched is to test afterwards.
Every video player has the pause, fast forward/go back function. i.e. flowplayer.  Just opening the video does not mean that the content has been viewed in its entirety.

Just a few questions that the answer is in various parts of the video (start, 1/4 way through, 1/2 way through, 3/4 Way through, near the end)...

Question Coverage: only on the must knows, not the need to knows, or good to knows.

It is very easy to setup if you have the website design skills, and all of the details i.e. a list of videos, a list of questions.. and answers ...
You could check if the progressbar has hit the 100% and then fire a ajax database call to set it to viewed.
If the user is smart though he could fire the event even going forward towards the end of the video by clicking on the progressbar but you can disable progressbar control over the video in many flash players.
Stop and resume is the same, you code a button to pause/play the video and attach an ajax call to it, which will store the progressbar value in the database. When reloading the video you can resume the video at the stored value.
cesemjAuthor Commented:
Thanks, for the updates.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
or the user can just play the video in a background tab.. you're system will say it was played.. yet the user really hasn't viewed it.
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