Random Calendar Invitation iPhone 4S failure.

Random Calendar Invitation iPhone 4S failure.

Firstly I create an appointment in outlook 2007 to send to multiple people or even one person and then send it out from my PC.  Most times this works fine and people receive the appointment, accept it on their iPhone 4S and it works without issue.  However other times when I try to accept certain appointments on my iPhone 4S it gives me the following error:

"Your response to the invitation cannot be sent."

I then accept the meeting on my PC and it works properly but the calendar appointment doesn't even show up in my calendar but on the people that I sent it to they get the error:

"Your response to the invitation cannot be sent."

They then accept the meeting in outlook on their PC but it shows on their iPhone calendar in grey and if they try to accept it from the phone they keep getting the error:

"Your response to the invitation cannot be sent."

When it comes time for the meeting I'll get a notice on my PC but on my iPhone I don't get a reminder the same goes for the other people invited.  Other appointments from the same calendar, with the exact same fields, setup the exact same way go to my iPhone and everyone that's invited and are accepted/work normally.  It seems as though it randomly chooses which calendar appointments to work or not work.  I've deleted and re-added the exchange account to my iPhone, I've gone through the settings and everything correct on the PC and on the iPhone as far as I can tell.  The iPhone only has an exchange account for mail/calendar/contacts (Just to eliminate all possible problems).  These glitched appointments won’t be accepted by anyone's iPhone 4S I send to they all get the same, "Your response to the invitation cannot be sent.".  However they can accept the appointment without issue on their PC.

I've used google as best as I could to find a resolution for this problem but all to no avail.  I've found similar posts as far back as 2010 but none of them have a solution for this problem. 
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Your response to the invitation cannot be sent on an iPhone with Exchange 2010

Calendar Invintation - You response to the invitation cannot be sent.

Exchange calendar not allowing me to send meeting responses


Seems to be a BUG

- Rancy
Alex_LAuthor Commented:
Well thanks for trying anyhow Rancy.  I was hoping for a better sollution than "it's a bug" but if that's how it is than what can you do.
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