Internal Webserver to supply BrightSign with Content

Hello.  We have 2 BrightSign devices, one is a 210 and one is the 1010.  Both have wireless built into it's unit.  We have both units working correctly when running off the SDCard, but having some issues converting it to run and pull content from the webserver.  I think the issue is the configuration of my webserver.  

So, our infrastructure.  We are running a Windows Active Directory Domain, and the server hosting the webserivces/IIS is Windows 2003 R2.  I have gone through and setup a site for one of these units so that it does not fall under the default website and plan to do the same for the other unit when working.  We are not hosting our corporate websites here, so simply using the internal webserver, therefore it's not my domain, but rather myserver as part of the url.

I have worked with our BrightSign Support contact to make sure the Mime types are set and that the unit is configured correctly.  The unit is getting network activity as we can ping it and when running a project on the SDCard, it can also pull an RSS feed.  So network connectivity is fine over the Wifi network.  The issue, we publish a project to the network and the BrightSign unit again is accessible, via ping, but just displays a black screen, in other words, it is having trouble pulling content.

I know that setting up a website is farily easy, but there is something I am missing as this should work.  Any additional thoughts on the website end?  Anything I can test via a browser to ensure this is working properly from the IIS Perspective and additionally anything you might be able to add on the BrightSign end is appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.
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jnordengAuthor Commented:
It turns out that after much troubleshooting with our vendor, at this time, our only recourse is to use the BrightSign Network.  This may be due to the age of our wireless router or just incompatible in the environment.  It was noted that the majority of customers just utilize the BrightSign network, so if you are reading this, save your time and go that route.
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