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Printing GPO

Have 3 printers setup via GPO, The printers are located in 3 separate rooms. Setting the default printer works fine for two of the rooms but not the other, for example:

ROOM A - SALES (setting the default printer for the sales group within this room works fine)
ROOM B - MARKETING (setting the default printer for the Marketing group within this room works fine)
ROOM C - MARKETING (The default printer points to Room B, rather than Room C)

1) For each printer I setup 'create' and then targeting set to a computer OU
2) Then I setup the same printers again as 'update' adding 'set as default printer' for each one but this time targeting set to the specific user groups to print to that printer within that room.
3) The issue seems to lie in the fact that the Marketing group is added for two printers, but defaulting only to ROOM B.

The machines are all XP with client side extensions installed.
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Is it possible, that one GPO overwirtes the other, means, that the marketing groups has two GPOs for default printers, where one of them apply, or how to you devide the Marketing groups / rooms in your GPOs?
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
The marketing computers are in one OU and the sales in another within ADUC. I see what you mean, you mean add a printers policy gpo to the marketing computers OU and one for the sales OU ?

I cant add a printers gpo to the users OU because some sales staff actually do marketing work, therefore, it would have to be assiged to the computers OU.

At the moment the printers gpo just resides under Group Policy objects and no where else.
Not exactly...
I read out of your description, than the 3 rooms have 3 printers and you want to set the default printer dependend on the room.
But the both marketing rooms gets the same printer (2) instead of (2) and (3)?

My (fast) idea was, as you seems to have done...
To give them all the printers (1 step --> create)
To make one of them the default (2 step --> update)

The question is, how you devide the the marketing group into the two rooms. In AD, you need either to seperate the OU to apply two different default printer policies, or you have create two GPO's, which apply only to the correspondent people inside a room (what means you have to filter them out (i.e. by group membership etc.).

If you devided them by a group membership, check with then Policy resultset on the client, if the policy is applied on the client (maybe your result is currently just by chance). Also keep in mind, if you use AD group based separation, that this policy has to be a user policy, because the machine policy is applied before logon, when no group membership is known.

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