How to configure Microsoft Outlook POP3 on Windows Vista and 7?


I have a client (small company). They use Microsoft  Outlook POP3 for their email system. They use the OS: Windows Vista and Windows 7

I am used to setup an email system with Exchange Server. To do this, I have to get 3 things: i) First: The exchange server’s name (FQDN of the Exchange server), ii) The user name

My question: I have never experienced setting the email system using the Outlook POP 3. What items should I get or prepare? ( I believe I should get “something like Incoming mail server” etc). Would somebody experience with outlook POP3 give the list of items that I should prepare for the configuration of the email.

Thank you

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kaskhedikar_tusharConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Follow the same procedure.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
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