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Gateway of Last Resort not set

Relatively new to BGP.  

Router A,  downstream...(Customer router) is not able to reach any of their sites through the MPLS vrf or get to the internet through Router B, on router B doing a "sho ip route vrf <customer> i see that the  "Gateway of last resort not set" come up at the top of the routing table.  

I can ping out from Router B upstream to the Internet and Ping the devices in the ARP table downstream to the customer CPE devices.  

I cannot, however source ping from the customers router to the Internet or to any of the customers other sites.

The question is,  does the customer "Router A" need to send me a gateway of last resort or is there something in my router B that needs attention.  I believe that its the customer router but am not quite sure.  Or, again, is there something amiss in router B?

Thanks and Best.
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sharjeel ashrafCommented:
can you provide the config from router a and b, remove any sensitive passwords, if there is no last gateway the systme wont know where to send the the data to, i.e. route, with BGP, most systems upstream would provide the information, if BGP is setup properly on both routers. commonly password issues can stop information being passed to all the routers. if you can all the gateways and hops i would try and add the outside route and see what happens if this works, then check all your config for BGP,

apparently it looks the static routes are not set on router "A",,,,,
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:

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