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Group Policy Preferences on Windows 2008, printer mapping not working

I love this new Group Policy Preferences area that has been 'acquired' by Microsoft but really, does it work?! I spent alot of time yesturday to install all our printers on server01 and then spent the same amount of time to setup GPP. Only to find that any test user logging in gets a "Printer Name Invalid" in the event log. I changed the name/share name to be really short.

No Dice. Dosn't work, I looked up this problem, and can not get it to work, Shall I resort back to Powershell or Bat scripts?

Any help on this would be great. Is there some tricks i'm not aware of?
2 Solutions
I would prefer Group Policy Preferences.. Its a good implementation by MS and life saver.

Try Google - Printer mapping using GPO 2008 R2


Let us know if you are looking for any specific scenario?
yo_beeDirector of ITCommented:
I have over 100 printers that I need to deploy and target specific groups.
With GPP I can leverage Item Level Targeting so one GPO can be used to controlled a multitude of deployment scenarios.

You need to share your printers out and have them populate AD to easily query and deploy your printers.
zarokAuthor Commented:
Thanks dkumar82, I did not know about the Deploy Printers method to target per machine instead of per user.

I was using GPP and item level targeting. By testing Deploy printers I found out why GPP wasn't working.

By default when you setup GPP to 'deploy' printers. It maps to sharename like so:


I prefer not to use netbios names anywhere, so was changing this to a custom A host record which i setup in DNS to point to the same server:


This made sense in that, if I want to change the server that hosts all the printers at anytime, I could then theoritically just update DNS with the new server without having to change GPP. Unfortunately this is what was causing 'Printer Name Invalid'. Once i changed it to:


It all started to work.

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