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Acronis True Image Live CD Behavior

I have lately been trying to use the Acronis True Image 2013 live CD.
Sometimes it doesn't see an attached USB external hard drive.
Sometimes it doesn't see USB mouse or keyboard.

Any experience / suggestions?  Is this a fundamental limitation?
Fred Marshall
Fred Marshall
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*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
Yes I have also problems with the latest CD. We must wait for updates. You can download the latest version (Built) after registering your key.
I think the link below should help you. Good luck.

Referred link :
It happens only if the recovery media is not healthy
If possible try using a CD
or a different usb
Fred MarshallAuthor Commented:
I am using a live CD.
The external USB hard drive is recognized with other OS's just fine.
Ditto the mouse and keyboard.
The links are to discussions 2 years old and older ??
In order for USB disks to get recognized the mainboard's chipset and USB drivers must be properly recognized by the booting OS. It is similar with USB keyboards and mice. Sometimes you can get the keyboard and pointing device to work by changing settings in the BIOS (often legacy mode or similar), and by trying different USB ports on the PC (on some DELL PC's there are 2 ports which are meant for use by the keyboard).

I usually use the PartedMagic LiveCD to image/clone HD's and manage partitions. As updates come frequently it'll be more likely to support your hardware. Apart from that it is free/OpenSource. In most situations it works perfectly.

Fred MarshallAuthor Commented:
rindi:  That's rather what I figured but that doesn't explain to me why some OS's work fine without changing the BIOS.  Must be that some are more equal than others?
No, they are more up-to date and include the drivers that older OS's didn't know of yet. The PartedMagic LiveCD runs on a modern Linux kernel which includes support for most drivers known, and it gets updated regularly (probably once a month or so). I don't know what Acronis is based on, maybe Vista, which would be old with less driver support, or maybe Windows 7, which would have more support, but that would still dependon the patch level of Windows 7 and what drivers were included by acronis. Usually with those WinPE based CD's you can add drivers to the running system, but for that to work you usually have to access a USB stick... So it may be hard to add such drivers.
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