MSSQL query

i am using below custom SQL query
StockStatus > 0

now i want to create submenu, example perfume, category ID is 1842
i want to display all perfumes StockStatus > 0

I tried these different Code setups...and doesnt work
ProductCode IN (
SELECT ProductCode
WHERE Products_Joined.StockStatus > 0
AND Products_Joined.CategoryID = '1842'

StockStatus > 0 AND CategoryID = '1842'

SELECT ProductCode
WHERE Products_Joined.StockStatus > 0
AND CategoryID = '1842'

SELECT Products_Joined.ProductCode
FROM Products_Joined
JOIN Products_CategoryIDs ON Products_CategoryIDs.ProductID = Products_Joined.ProductID
WHERE Products_Joined.StockStatus > 0 AND Products_CategoryIDs.CategoryIDs = '1842'

can someone tell which sql query will do this
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
we will need the exact error message that you get, otherwise we cannot solve this error...
Vijaya Reddy Pinnapa ReddyCommented:
Can you post error details
ammadeyy2020Author Commented:
i am using volusion shopping cart
so i am getting there custom error asking to contact customer service
and they are unable to give any help regarding this
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
can someone tell which sql query will do this
I don't think so.  While there are many here that are very technically proficient, I don't know anyone that can read a crystal ball.
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