windows xp offline files unable to delete folder when not connected to network

windows xp offline files unable to delete folder when not connected to network but able to delete files

i have full permission for both share and security
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
When using Offline Files, those folders become Windows shell folders and they are being used by the O/S.  You won't be able to delete them unless you disable Offline Files causing Windows to revert to the normal user shell folders.
Marc ZCommented:
are you referring them by following these directions or are you simply selecting a file and hitting the delete key?
Marc ZCommented:
referring should be deleting in above post
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msathishkAuthor Commented:
Hi Davis ,

Sorry for delayed response

So if i want to delete any of my folder from my offline files i need to connect to server then only i can delete?

What about Windows 7?

Hi mtz1of4

i want to delete only a selected folder not all my offline file.
Marc ZCommented:
No, that website has instructions on how to delete individual files and folders as well.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
If it is one of the root offline folders, it is as I said earlier and you would, at least need to remove it from the offline folder sync list.
If it is a subfolder, I suspect it is tied to the permissions you would have on the server.
If it is an obsolete folder, read this on how to reset and clear the cache which will rebuild the next time you connect:
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