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The system could not log you on due to the following error : Not enough resource are available to complete this operation.


We have Windows 2008 File server,  where all the user documents are  stored on D drive. On the D drive It had only 30  Gb free space when i noticed last time.
I have to create 70 new users on the AD and and their Home directory was ponting to E drive of this server. These new users will be logging into the network only next week.
I had completed 40 yesterday and today i wanted to create the remaining users and in the Active directory when i continued creating users and said ok.  
Iam getting  a error dialog box saying there is no free space to create a home folder on  the server.

I tried to log into the server and its not allowing to log into the server.I am getting a error message which says:

The system could not log you on due to the following error :
Not enough resource  are available to complete this operation.
Please try again or contact your system administrator.

From my PC , I tried to access the servers drive \\Server1\C$
It says:Not enough server storage is available to process this command.

I tried to access the servers drive \\Server1\Userdocs  to clear up space
It says windows cannot access Y:\
Check the spelling of the name.Otherwise there might be aproblem with your network.To try to identify and resolve network problems. Click diagonise.

Please help. I have to keep this server up and running by tomorrow morning

7 Solutions
Do one thing, go to www.ubuntu.com, download the live CD and boot with the LIVE CD and it will automatically mount the Windows Drive. Simply cut and copy some of the files from the Windows Servers C Drive and move it to any other drive or partition than shutdown ubuntu, take out the live cd and try to boot into Windows Server again.

lianne143Author Commented:
Iam not sure which files to cut and paste from C drive into another drive.Bit worried if i delete some system files the server may become unbottable.
Do you think the C drive should have completely filled with space of this iam  not able to log into the server.

Will it be possible if i reboot and go into the safe mode and log into the server.
lianne143Author Commented:
I never touched C or never copied any files to C in the past. I remember there was some free space available on C drive when i last noticed. Iam bit surprised  how the space is filled.

Which version i need to download. The Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server .
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
doesn't matter since you are not installing it, just running it live (from the dvd)
lianne143Author Commented:
Any ideas , which files i need to delete from C. We run WSUS on our network.Iam not sure whether this server runs WSUS console.I have recently taken over this job.
Krzysztof PytkoActive Directory EngineerCommented:
First, I would reboot that "faulty" server. Probably after server reboot you would be able to start working normally.

If this would not help, then restart server once again in Safe mode with networking and check how much free disk space do you have on all those drives (C,D and E)

lianne143Author Commented:
Thanks  Krzysztof

Iam relieved now!!

I rebooted the server and i was able to access the E drive and the free space on c drive was 9Gb and on the E it was 20 Gb.. But any idea why this should have happened.
Krzysztof PytkoActive Directory EngineerCommented:
Microsoft Windows ... :)
Please review System and Application Event Logs, maybe there you will find some hints. But probably some service was hung.

Free apce on C-Drive is enough

Nagendra Pratap SinghCommented:
This happened because it is a terminal server. Terminal server run out of resources often and should be rebooted like once a week at least. (Even more if needed).

This is a common issue with terminal/citrix servers.
As npsingh123 wrote, if is it terminal server, its known bug. TS server cant manage kernel memory and fails (that is on W2003 really often on 32-bit systems).
The error / issue's happens when there is Pool memory scarcity in server.  We need to start by checking pool memory limitation of server.

To check pool memory limit follow below steps

1. Download Process explorer.exe  & Debugger tool to the server.
2. Install debugger and then open process explorer
3. In Process explorer tool, go to edit ->configure symbols.
4. By default the "dbghelp.dll" path might refer c:\windows\system32, change it to debugger installed folder.
5. In symbols folder, paste " SRV*f:\localsymbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols ".
6. Now click performance graph window in process explorer. It will show the maximum limit of page / non page memory for the server.

You can use poolmon.exe tool to check the current usage of pool memory by different process.

Based on usage, we can increase limitation by doing some registry settings.

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