second question to follow up about possible partition for tax program

The second issue is the problem I have when I back up files. To do this with ProSystems fx Tax, you have to go through a component called Office Manager. You then choose to backup or restore the tax files and choose where you want to put them (it prompts you for a removable disk). It stores these in zip files and they do not seem to be very stable.

For instance, when I tried to restore some from either a thumb drive or some other place on the hard drive in a folder, they would not all restore or some would have errors.

Secondly when I open the folder that these zip files are on, it seems to set off some kind of execute command and I get these icons popping up out of control and it is hard to close them.

I also purchased a WD My Passport 1 TB drive as my primary backup. I had been trying to use JustCloud, FilesAnywhere or Acronis with an old Maxtor 500GB hard drive but it was too bulkey and the online programs took forever. I bailed on Carbonite a long time ago; maybe I should have kept that and the new one that I have?

Any thoughts about this WD Passport product. I was also "convinced" to purchase a virus software when the salesman showed me an analysis of the different anti-virus programs. I had been using Avast Pro and it was way down on the list so he influenced me to buy ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus Program. I had purchased Tune Up Utilities 2012 from a recommendation from EE before and am very happy with it.
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when you need a reliable backup, the first thing to do is test if the backup drive works, with the proper diag

you said you had errors when restoring files, try to do that also with OTHER files than the TAX program, as it can be that the problem lies with the program, and not with the hardware
also - connect the WD drive (which does not have it's own power source)
with a POWERED USB hub -  that often cures such problems
here such a hub that i use :

if you use it on a PC -  connect it to the USB connectors on the back - not front

i happen to have a WDpassport 1 TB in for repair, it seems to be working  ok, and does not give problems
jlfcpa60Author Commented:
was there anything that helped, or showed the cause?
please post it then, - always good info
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