Zebra thermal printer does not retain/save paper size


I have been struggling with a Zebra Z4M Thermal printer and at one point with the help of Zebra tech I was able to set the default printer paper size for this printer.

We are using a 3.50" wide and 1.50" height label and I was able to either set it as USER DEFINED settings and also created a template.  The problem is that each time the user change his printer to the laser printer then went back to the Zebra printer the paper/label size under the print properties it default back to 4.50" wide and 11.00" height.

I am not sure why the Zebra will not retain the settings.  I know I can have the user manually select the defined stock profile each time but this is not a logical or ideal solution.  Can someone help me to either:

1.  Make the Zebra Printing properties retain the 3.50" by 1.50"


2. Make the Zebra to always default to one of the saved default stock profile


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Wayne88Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am not using access.  I was actually trying to print from MS Great Plains.  I have found the solution on how to force the printer to always use the print driver settings.

Under printer properties > printer settings > always use the driver settings

Are you trying to change the settings from within Access or from when you go into Devices and Printers (or Printers and Faxes)?  If from within Access, it may not save the printer settings, only what printer to use).  If you're changing it from the Devices and Printers screen, is it a Local Printer or a networked one being shared?  If it's a networked one, you need to make the changes on the computer it's being shared from.
Good for you.  :-)
Wayne88Author Commented:
Found the solution on my own
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