website is resolving to the wrong place DNS

i do SEO to get clients websites found on google but i have a huge problem:

my clients website is being found under many URL's. this is very bad as google might think the content has been duplicated.

i think its a dns problem...

i noticed this when doing a google search for: annie fontaine life coach

i was expecting to see her being found on google under her url of

but i see her website title and description show under the following URL's

the clients website is hosted on my companies virtual server rented from
the odd thing is that when clicking on the top link that has this url: it loads the content from but under URL

we do not own

we do own but not the .com one so i am very confused why that is showing.

i need to fix it so that google does not see manny links to my clients website. can any one help please. thank you.
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But with the mess up its only been a week or so since there was a properly resolving website.
But at least it is indexing them now :o)
Their website is down at the mo, so all I can get is a cached copy. But if they are using blackhat seo then ...
Send them a Cease and Desist letter - probably waste of time .
Contact their upstream provider - probably waste of time (but can work)
Send a DMCA letter to Google - they will check out who owns the content and remove the offender (eventually)

Do you have a link to her site on your site?

The DNS isn't a problem since the nameservers registered for the site are yours.
They also copied your Olly Lloyd site as well, but it looks like an older version.

In case you don't where to report to Google
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helpchrisplzAuthor Commented: and tseoc.Co.UK both are showing the same errors on the concrete 5 install so i dont think it's a matter of duplication its something sort of mixed url resolving and is also involved in this problem but I don't know what to do about it.
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
I know my virtual server is running php 5.1 so both urls are resolving to my virtual servers ip the only thing is I don't own but it is resolving to my virtual server.
They could be pointing to your domain to steal your content for future marketing...
tseoc.Co.UK resolves to your main website.
Their nameservers are different,they could be doing 302 redirect or just pointing their nameservers to you.
Just block all referring traffic from their domain
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
sorry i made a typo. i own and i have redirected it to my main site

so that should be like that. i own as well and i was in the middle of installing a cms on it thats why it shows the install page. (i dont own)   is showing what is on and it is showing the exact install errors so it seems that domain is linked to my virtual server but i haven't setup a domain for that url on my plesk panel
They are probably just cloaking your domain/s.
You can block this in the htaccess like the following,

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} thesearchengineoptimisationcompany\.com [NC]
RewriteRule .* - [F]

Or be nasty and refer them to some bad site....
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.http://www.somebadsite\.com/$1 [L,R=301]
(Make it a permanent redirect)

Not sure of your setup but you may be able to just put into your httpd.conf file and use it for all sites...
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
ok my business partner said he did buy

but it is with a dirent provider than we normaly use. its name servers are also not pointing over to our hosting.

i created i hosting for it today and it is linking to our virtual server (some how... not by dns)
i did a 301 redirect from to the version

i am just hopeing that the mess with google will sort its self out...   annie fontains website is not being found under on google any more but it is for live servers. I know live.servers is to do with my hosting company.
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:

webmaster tools shows that non of the pages on annie fontains website have been indexed yet. and it shows that the pages are not selected. and webmaster tools shows odd keywords in the health section.

i think google may have thought that the website is spammy as it was merged with those other domains via the DNS issue.

so i have done a reconsideration request to google but it says that could take 7 weeks :( i realy need this website to get indexed.

do you have any idears on what else i could try to get this indexed?

all the on site optimisation work has been done.
I assume you have a sitemap loaded in GWT
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:

yes i have submitted a xml sitemap to webmaster tools

it says one page is indexed in GWT and the rest  are not selected :O
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
and i have no robots.txt stopping anything
How long has it been up, it can take weeks before it looks beyond the index page.
There are currently three pages indexed - home,contact and weight.
Give it chance it will index them all eventually
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
it seems to be indexing all the pages i haven't optimized yet lol

its been about 8 weeks.
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