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CSV Import

I am importing a csv file into my Database. It is a comma delimitered file.
I have 2 tables

tPhonebook  - ID, sBook
tContacts  -  ID, sName, sPhone, iPhonebookID

iPhonebookID is linked to ID of tPhonebook

The csv file consists of

Column 1 - Name
Column 2 - Number

Column 3, 4, 5 etc is the name of a Phonebook.

I need the import to add a phone book for every column named after column 2, it could be one or multiple columns, it is different for every row.

I then need it to add that contact to each phone book and move to the next row.

If the phone book exists already I just need to ID for iPhonebookID.
1 Solution
Habib PourfardSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Would you please give us a sample record of the csv file. is it like this?

Name, Number, Col1, Col2, Col3
John, 123456, Phonebook1, NULL, NULL
John, 123456, NULL, Phonebook2, NULL
Kalpesh ChhatralaSoftware ConsultantCommented:
try below CSV Import Sample



mgordon-spiAuthor Commented:
The csv would be like this

John, 123456, Phonebook1,  
John, 123456, Phonebook1, Phonebook2, Phonebook3,
John, 123456, Phonebook1, Phonebook2,

if there is only one phone book there is only 3 columns if there is 2 phone books there is 4 columns and so on. There would never be a null column and then a phone book column
That's not a properly formatted CSV file so you would need to read the file line by line, break the line on comma and then deal with the outcome manually

ForEach Line As String In IO.File.ReadAllLines("path")
      Dim words As String() = Line.Split(",")
      For each word As String in words
            'code here

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