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Audio Interrupts over HDMI, Working Fine on Speaker

Hi guys,

I have a desktop with ASUS P9X79 Deluxe motherboard and ATI Radeon HD 7950 video from Sapphire. The machine is pretty new and I am just now starting to use it more. It is connected to a TV over HDMI and has speakers connected on the front panel (going to the motherboard).

I have a strange problem:

- When there are sounds e.g. from a game everything works fine on the TV over the HDMI cable. The sounds are perfect, no problem at all.
- When I play a sound file or a movie or a youtube video and use the speakers (motherboard audio) it works fine.
- However when I play a sound file or a movie or a youtube video and use the TV as audio output, the sound stops every 2-5 seconds, just like it does when the PC is not powerful enough and blocks one application until it does something else (as was the case with older machines).

I have Radeon Catalyst 12.6 with AMD Audio Driver which I use to control the output device.
1 Solution
However when I play a sound file or a movie or a youtube video and use the TV as audio output, the sound stops every 2-5 seconds
If youtube was removed from that statement, I would ask what software are you using to playback the audio & video.
TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
I tried different ones: Win Media Player, VLC, aimp3. I also tried different settings: DirectX sound, bigger buffer, smaller buffer.... No difference.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
There used to be major conflicts between the Radeon's audio chip and the Realtek's on the system board (you have a Realtek 898 on the P9X79); but, that doesn't seem to get many hits now.
If you wanted to test that, disable the onboard sound chip in the BIOS and see what happens.

The other question I have is are you trying any local videos? (A DVD movie for example)
I ask because the needed internet bandwidth for HDMI streaming is a minimum of 4Mbps and may need as much as 8Mbps.  Many codecs will sacrifice the audio in deference to smooth video.

As a last thought, you need to have the HDMI device on AND selcting the ATI for its input when the system boots to avoid all kinds of misdetection problems.
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TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
I am playing a local MP3 file, so it cannot be the bandwidth. I also have everything in place at boot time. Also as I mentioned, everything is working fine in a game.
Possibly the audio is set to 5.1/7.1 surround and if you use only two speakers instead of 5 it may seem to cut out at certain points with pitch shift or loudness Equalization.
Try this rightclick the speaker icon on the taskbar
go to playback devices
click on the speakers then configure put it on stereo
test and next follow to the end of the little setup,  so that your back to>while the speakers are still highlighted>properties>enhancements>
now in here is a couple of settings you can modify
enhancements effect the total output of your sound.
I have ticked disable all sound effects
Using the scroll bar pull it down to to look through them, do you have any enabled at the bottom? Like the Loudness Equalization or Pitch shift?
One of these may be effecting the audio.
Start with just disabling all enhancements and then test for a day
TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
I found a solution to the problem here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1295464/intermittent-hdmi-audio-output-on-7970-12-8-drivers. It says it's a driver problem since Catalyst 11.6 and you need to increase the 2D clock of the video card in order to have normal audio. It's stupid to have to use your video card at high speed just to have simple music playing but that's the solution at the moment.

Thank you all for participating, I appreciate it!
TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
I found my solution. It is not nice but it works.

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