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We have several Android Galaxy Tablets (Ver 4.0.3) (Model P5100) that we have spread throughout all the States of Australia. So support is starting to become painful and timely.

We are looking for remote control software that will enable us to connect to any of our Andoid devices wherever they are from our Windows Workstations. The Androids could be on 3G or Wireless Access/Hotspots as well as over a VPN. They could be anywhere and using various connections to get Internet.

Our purpose is to be able to troubleshoot, fix, modify the settings and profiles etc.
Field support and control from any location of Android device.

eg: One problem we have now is we want to add the Microsoft exchange email configuration to all the tablets for each user. Our users are not tech savvy and we cannot rely on them doing it. We also want to push configured apps to each device eg: RDP

Is there any software available that handles this properly and can be recommended that will do the job. I find it difficult to imagine that this may not be available.

We currently use TeamViewer for support however this falls down on the Android. It works the other way around.

Thanks in advance
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GreendataConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have found out about TeamViewer QuickSupport. This appears to work so I would like to withdraw the question...
GreendataAuthor Commented:
Samsung 10.1" screen
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