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I would like to know it is possible to change the Priority in NLB. Say, I have Server A and Server B. Server A with Priority no.1 while server B is no. 2. Now I would to change server B become no. 1 and server A become no. 2.

I did tried on Server A only priority no. 3 available no. 2 is not available since already taken by server B. How to change the priority? Shall I:

1. Change the priority on Server A to no.3. Wait for a while (how long I shall I wait?)
2. Change the priority on Server B to no.1
3. Change the priority on Server A to no.2

Please advice. I have no lab to the testing.
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TazDevil1674Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you change them both at the same time, you cause network blips.

If done out of hours, you shouldnt notice any problems (I accidently set 2 of mine to 1 and it worked but was slow)...

However, if you want to play safe, change A to 3, after a few seconds it updates, then change B to 1 and again after a few seconds you change A to 2...
Sushil SonawaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please refer below article this might be help you.

suriyaehnopAuthor Commented:
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